Q: Why should I process a first article for programming orders?
A: Receiving and testing a first article ensures all requirements and specifications have been communicated clearly. This is your insurance policy that the device has been set up correctly prior to production orders. Once the First Article is approved, all of your programming production orders are processed to match your exact approved specifications.

Q: Is there a charge to process a first article?
A: No. You will only need to provide the sample devices to be processed.

Q: Can ProEx serialize my programmed devices if needed?
A: Yes. We can support simple and complex serialization. We can also provide serialized labels if required.

Q: How long will it take to complete and ship my programming or tape & reel order?
A: Our standard turn time is three business days; however this may vary based on the quantity and support options applicable to your order. Often times your order may be processed and ship the same or next day based on the production queue at the time your order is received. There is the option to expedite an order if needed and we can send partial shipments to prevent a line down situation.

Q: Can I have my supplier ship parts directly to you for my requested value added services?
A: Yes! We will accept drop shipments from the supplier of your choice. If possible please have them reference the purchase order number that you will be issuing to ProEx. This will allow us to quickly identify the parts and allocate them to the appropriate order.

Q: Can ProEx drop ship the completed order to my CM or other designated customer?
A: Yes! We currently ship orders directly to customers throughout the world.

Q: How much do you charge to ship my order?
A: We will ship using your designated shipping account number for any of the major freight carriers.

Q: Do you offer international shipping?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you accept credit cards
A: No, not at this time. We offer new customers net 30 terms.

Q: What are your minimum order quantities and or charge?
A: We do not have a minimum order quantity. For product we fully support, our minimum charge is $50.00 per line. For new product and support NRE charges may apply.

Q: How much does ProEx charge for value added services?
A: Pricing varies based on several support circumstances. When a quote is requested we can generally respond with pricing within a few hours. We are very aggressive in our pricing and eager to win your business.

Q: Are you ISO Certified?
A: Yes! ProEx has been certified since September 2005. There is a link to our certificate accessible from our homepage.